April 27 – Snoop, Doc & the Jerks

Monday’s Moon Shots

ULTI-MUTT CAREER: Lovingly known by his teammates as “Mutt,” Chicago forward Andrew Shaw formally announced his retirement due to multiple concussions.

COLE’D AT THE RINK: Recent Hobey Baker winner and expected savior of the Canadiens, Cole Caufield, finally made his debut on Monday night — only to get frozen off the scoresheet.

YES THEY HURRI-CAN: Carolina may have lost in overtime on Monday, but the point they earned was enough to clinch a playoff spot. Needless to say, they have blown away the competition all season long.


Say goodbye to the NHL on NBC and hello to… TBL on TBS? Hockey Night in Georgia? According to reports, the NHL and Turner Sports have come to terms on a seven-year TV rights contract worth $225 million.

So, what does it mean for hockey fans?

Is there a crossover partnership to be had with TNT’s All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and Winnipeg Jets celebrity fan Chris Jericho? Is Conan O’Brien leaving TBS to try out for the Leafs again?

Or will the NHL try to embrace a new generation of fans and hire a new type of commentator?

Snoop D-O-double-G

There is no denying that the NHL and Snoop Dogg are an odd but ideal blend. The perfect combination that hockey fans did not know existed until Snoop set foot into the LA King’s broadcast booth in 2019.

Turner Broadcasting will become the second home for the NHL next season and there is no time like the present to ink Snoop D-O-double-G to a contract. He brings his own “Doggfather” flair to the mic and entertains both his fellow broadcasters and the fans.

Mike 'Doc' Emrick
Mike ‘Doc’ Emrick (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

The league already knows what the people want by gracing us with “Hockey 101 with Snoop Dogg” and solidifying his place as an announcer in EA SPORTS NHL 20. After the year we have endured, fans need and deserve a side of Snoop Dogg commentary to accompany their nightly game.

I am going to take this moment and speak for fans everywhere when I say we all need more “run the three man weave,” and “there’s a buck forty left in the first period” from our favorite guest announcer. Fans are still suffering the loss of our beloved Doc, we deserve Snoopzilla.

Trivia Tuesday

Do You Know Your NHL Goalie Trivia?

  1. What is the most saves recorded in a regular season shutout?
    • 61
    • 54
    • 59
    • 56
  2. What is the most goals allowed by a goalie in one game?
    • 12
    • 17
    • 9
    • 16
  3. What is the record for regular season wins in one season?
    • 49
    • 48
    • 47
    • 46
  4. The record for most goalies used in a single NHL season is eight (8), which team set that record?
    • Quebec Nordiques
    • Philadelphia Flyers
    • St. Louis Blues
    • Los Angeles Kings
  5. Only one goalie has ever scored when another goalie was on the ice. Who was credited with the goal and who did he score on?

U-18 Men’s World Championship – Preliminary Round

 Czech Republic 3 – 1  Germany |  Belarus 1 – 5  Sweden

 Russia 7 – 6  United States |  Latvia 2 – 4   Switzerland

Learn more about the IIHF U-18 Men’s World Championship here

Trivia Answers

  1. 59
  2. 16
  3. 48
  4. Philadelphia Flyers
  5. Martin Brodeur scored on Dan Ellis, technically

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